Body Found In Burned Out Garage

Saint Joseph police are investigating the discovery of human remains in the debris of a burned out garage. A Deffenbaugh trash crew spotted the body at 2015 Union Street Thursday and called police. The body will go to Kansas City for an autopsy, and officials hope the procedure provides an identification.

Investigators are asking for help from the public. If you know anything about the fire in the garage at 2015 Union shortly after midnight December 7, call the Tips Hotline at 238-TIPS. 

  • Dora

    If the tips # investigators are as competent as the fire investigators don’t bother. It took the trash haulers to discover the crime.

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  • ariel

    What irritates me is this isnt even a block away from my home… The night before body was found firetrucks came down our street and all over searching for a fire we could smell it but they could never find it… Then it took 8 days for this to even be published… Thats way too long!!

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  • Me

    Why haven’t we gotten an update on this or the man they found stabbed I’m his apartment?!?

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