Former License Office Employee Pleads Guilty to False ID Scheme

A former St Joseph License office employee pleaded guilty Tuesday to participating in a false ID scheme.

US Western District Attorney David Ketchmark announced Tuesday Thomas Richard McNamara the third, pleaded guilty to his part of the conspiracy.

The 26-year-old from St Joseph entered a plea agreement to pay a fine of $125,000 or more. He could be sentenced up to five years in federal prison.

McNamara pleaded guilty to his part in the conspiracy to unlawfully produce identification documents,unlawfully transfer the means of identification of another person and to commit Social Security fraud.

McNamara said it was common knowledge among the employees at the license office that co-conspirators were assisting illegal aliens to obtain licenses. McNamara admitted he was paid $50 to $100 each time he accepted identification documents from illegals aliens escorted to the office by co-conspirators.

He admitted accepting the documents two to three times a week.