Salvation Army Offers “Season Pass” for Generous Givers

The Salvation Army realizes that in an increasingly cashless society we may find it difficult to contribute to the Red Kettle Campaign.  So it offers a  solution.  For a one-time donation of $20, $50, or $100 you can help families in crisis and buy a Season Pass button.  Wear the button proudly this Christmas season,   show your support for the Salvation Army, and stop digging for change when you pass a Red Kettle.  Buttons are available at Hy-Vee, Commerce Bank, and the Salvation Army Community Center.

  • justmyopinon

    Just at thought. What about those people who giving twenty dollars at one time isn’t feasible. But they want to help. I am sorry I understand that people are in need but walking past a bell ringer and feeling pressured to give when you can’t afford to give or to give change everytime you walk past because you feel guilty for not helping out. People who work hard for their money give what they can but in today’s society you should not be pressured into giving multiple times at multiple locations. When you donate at a MS or MDA boot collection you get a sticker to display so they should give stickers as you donate to the red kettle bell ringers. Don’t get me wrong I believe in the good work the Salvation Army does and I try to help as much as I can but maybe the Salvation Army should look outside the box for donations, texting codes work for the Red Cross, Facebook Pages it’s time they become electronic and up to date with the times. Guilting people into charity is not appropriate especially in a downward economy in a town with stagnant growth and an influx of immigrants that are benefiting from this system. I saw a family of Hispanic people in a Escalade in line for the Food Banks Thanksgiving Holiday Meals, So it goes without asking WTF. But they got their free holiday feast while others struggled to get a meal on their table. The rules of charity have changed it’s no longer good for the needy it’s good for those who know how to work the system.

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  • St Joe Bell Ringer

    This is my 2nd year as a bell ringer and I will tell you from MY experience that I DO NOT pressure people to give AT ALL. I say “Hi”, or “Merry Christmas” and most people are nice and reply. Several just ignore me, and unfortunately a couple are downright rude. I was told today by a woman: “I’m tired of seeing ‘you people'”. I hope the day never comes that people and families in need will turn to the Salvation Army for help and are told “I’m tired of seeing you people” and are turned away.

    This the only time of the year that the Salvation Army has the bell ringers out all over town. The funds raised are to last the entire year.

    If someone feels guilty or pressured when they walk past the kettle, then I believe that’s an issue with that individual, since I have yet to see a bell ringer comment in a negative way if someone can’t contribute. I completely understand not being able to donate. I bell ring because the Salvation Army was there for me when I needed them the most, and I do this to pay them back and help others who were in the same situation I was. What bothers me is when people are rude to me when I’m trying to give back to the community and help others.

    When a bell ringer says “Hello” or “Merry Christmas”, please take it at face value. We aren’t asking you for money, we’re just trying to be nice. Its not easy standing for 6-8 hours a day and then have someone be rude when all you’re trying to do is be nice.

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