(Update) Energizer To Close Maryville Plant Late Next Year; 310 Employees To Receive Severance Packages

Energizer Holdings on Thursday announced an enterprise-wide restructuring plan that includes the closure of the Energizer plant in Maryville.

Energizer plans to reduce payroll by ten percent, or 1,500 employees.

In a news release, the company said it is also closing facilities in Vermont and in Malaysia.


Operations will be “streamlined” at plants in North Carolina, Canada, and China.

They’re hoping to save about $200 million.

Maryville Plant Manager Hugh Belgarde issued a statement Thursday:

“Energizer’s Maryville plant, which manufactures C, AA, 4A and 9 Volt size alkaline batteries, will cease operations by December 2013.  The timing of the production phase-out and layoffs has not yet been determined. The approximately 310 hourly and salaried people employed at the facility will receive severance packages upon separation.

“The closing of the Maryville facility was an extremely difficult decision but necessary because of dramatic changes in the overall battery market over the past three to four years. With the increased use of rechargeable electronic devices with multiple features, primary battery sales continue to decline in developed markets worldwide.”

  • HmmM

    This isn’t good.. Many family’s work there and it is a big staple in Maryville’s economy!!!

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  • Nodaway County Resident

    There goes 310 salaried/hourly jobs that families depend on now worse than ever with the economy we’re in. Plus the loss of tax money from the business needed in our community. And does this number include all the “Temporary Employees” who will be let go without so much as a kiss and def. no severance pkg to depend on if needed?

    The key words I read in the article were, “..Operations will be “streamlined” in NC, Canada, and China…” So now our batteries will be “Made In China” too?!?
    more IMPORTS instead of EXPORTS does not help the US at all.

    Also, word on the street is, that if ANY Employee leaves before the CLOSE DATE they will NOT be eligible for their Severance Package! Now I know to some that might seem only fair, but if you have 4 kids, a wife, elderly mother or family that depend on your earnings then it would be hard to pass up a Full Time job w/ Benefits (if you could find one) in this economy….yet, if you have been with Energizer 20/30 YEARS I believe you are due something even if you do HAVE to leave early to secure a job that THEY are taking away from you!

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    • http://yahoo linda

      They have always had China at there beck and call – they ship the collector,the guts.to them and they make them and ship them back!!!! Energizer has not cared about their employees for several years!!! First 2 years ago they offered early retirement to get rid of the oldest employees, then that was’t enough, they forced everyone to 12 hour shift – to force more of them out now this. Makes you think what companies you are willing to support and purchace there products, I choose American made thank you very much. It’s time for America to take care of our own NOT other countries, just because they can do it for little for nothing and the companies line there own pockets!!! Example, employees that work for Engizer can purchase a AA battery for .10 each, D’s for .50 so who’s making money here!!! That’s my .02 cents worth.

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  • Ken Bachand

    I feel for your community… St. Albans, Vt is also closing its plant in the same restructuring… This plant has been here for long time.. employing great people..
    Will hurt a lot of tamilies

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  • Susan Cronk

    This will be a terrible loss to the community and the families employed by the company. But, it will be an opportunity for a new company seeking a facility and an eager-to-work stable workforce to support them. I’m sure the Economic Development folks and City of Maryville are already brainstorming on who to court to take their place.

    Energizer has been such a staple for so long, Maryville will feel different without them.

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  • Joe

    Everyone can thank Obama and send him the best regards, look to see alot more of this over the next four years. What taxes the rich will pay to for Obama Care, will force businesses over seas and many more temp workers to avoid this. Sad, very sad so many people are losing their jobs

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  • HmmM

    I know how bad that obamacare hits those workers in Malaysia.. Plus it’s causing restructuring in china…

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  • Nodaway County Resident

    I don’t believe it has a thing to do with “Obama or his health plan.” Unfortunately, Businesses “Relocating” out of the US or “Outsourcing” to third worlds is not something “new” and has been happening for YEARS. This is just a drop in the bucket.

    This is just the thing that Ross Perot predicted during one of the debates years ago, He said then, that NAFTA would be a colossal mistake and if passed the US would soon hear a “giant sucking sound” of our businesses leaving the country…..since then he has been exactly right.
    Sometimes I think we need a “Seasoned Businessman” thats worked to make billions in the white house, instead of a “Seasoned Politician!”

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    • HmmM

      Sarcastically stated..

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      • HmmM

        I agree with most of your points, but “streamlined” is a term used for trimming a company down also, so they are cutting jobs in china. They have had several brands and sizes made in china for awhile.

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    • Mach1

      You are so right. NAFTA KILLED AMERICA…

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  • Concerned

    This is horrible. Maryville has a strong workforce. Everyone up there are hard workers. For this to happen is very sad. This company is losing alot by doing this to this community not to mention the community is losing a major employer and funds. My heart goes out to all those who work at Energizer and live in Maryville. Thank you Obama for screwing over more people. He was and is the biggest mistake the USA made.

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    • Ex-Worker

      My deepest sympathy to all Energizer employee at Maryville plant. I know how it feels when loosing a job when you have been in the company for more than 15 years. I’m the one of it.. :-(

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