Baby Dies Of Oxycodone OD; Uncle Charged With Manslaughter

TROY, Mo. (AP) – An eastern Missouri man and woman are facing criminal charges after an infant under their care died of a drug overdose.

Twenty-seven-year-old David Brewer and his girlfriend, 38-year-old Heather Maune, are both charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Brewer was the child’s uncle.

A probable cause statement says the infant was found dead on Aug. 4 in Troy, where the couple was babysitting. Maune told police she awakened to find the child unresponsive.

An initial autopsy failed to determine a cause of death, but toxicology reports received by police on Tuesday showed the infant died of oxycodone intoxication. It wasn’t clear if the infant ingested the drug on her own or if it was fed to her.

  • julie

    this is just terrible first of all they should have had medicaine like that put up where aa kids couldnt get it , and if these people gave something like that to a kid they really sick in the head and they deserve to be puninihed for it

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    They shouldnt have been allowed to be around the baby if they were under the influence of such a powerful pain killer. Apparently they werent in their right state of mind, that, or they couldnt handle what the baby was putting out… maybe she was fussing, damn shame.

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  • Mundi Montgomery

    Allie was given the dose n the parents should rot in hell for wht they had done to this sweet sweet innocent child….RIP little Allie……

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