Curling Club Coming To St Joe

Here’s one way to cool off.

Missouri Western State University and the city of St. Joseph have formed the St. Joseph Curling Club to introduce northwest Missouri to this Winter Olympics sport. The club will have its first “Learn to Curl” events on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 10 and 11, at the Bode Ice Arena at a cost of $15.

Space is limited to 16 people per time slot. Call the Bode Ice Arena at 816-271-5506 to reserve a spot.

“Curling is an incredibly fun, strategic and social game that can be played by anyone at any age and in almost any physical condition,including people with disabilities,” said Dr. Britt Johnson, assistant professor of physical education. “It is a sport that’s incredibly popular in Canada, Great Britain and Sweden, and we hope it will grow in popularity here.”

Curling involves players sliding stones weighing approximately 42 pounds across ice toward a target. Two sweepers then influence the path and distance of the slide by sweeping in front of the sliding stone. Missouri Western’s department of health, physical education and recreation recently acquired stones, brooms and other equipment needed to play the sport.

There are three time slots available each day of the “Learn to Curl” events: 7:30, 8 and 8:30 p.m. on Friday, and 3, 3:30 and 4 p.m. on Saturday. The sessions will consist of 30 minutes of off-ice training, which will cover the rules, equipment and strategy of the sport, followed by one hour of on-ice training, including techniques for both delivering the stone and sweeping the stone.

Those who come on Friday can choose to come back Saturday for another hour of time on the ice for $10.

Participants should dress in tennis shoes and warm clothing that allows easy movement. All other equipment will be provided.