Scammers Target KCP&L Customers

KCP&L is warning customers about some con artists who are targeting utility customers for their Social Security information.

The scammers claim President Obama is applying payments or credits to your utility bill.

To receive the credit, customers are asked to make immediate payment using bogus bank information supplied by con artists.

Victims are told to use the number appearing on the back of their Social Security cards as the bank account number.

They are given a tax credit number and a bank routing number, but officials say both are fraudulent and cannot be used to pay a utility bill.

According to the reports, scammers have visited customer homes, posted fliers and used social media and texting to send this false message.

“We protect our customers’ personal account information and recommend only KCP&L-authorized payment methods,” said Jim Alberts, Vice President, Customer Services.

KCP&L advises customers never to give their credit card, debit card, Social Security, ATM, checking or saving account numbers to anyone who comes to their home, calls, texts or sends an e-mail requesting this information.

Customers should also never allow anyone into their home to check electrical wiring, unless an appointment has been scheduled and the technician has proper KCP&L identification.