Legislation Could Slow Certain EPA Regulations

Charlotte Baker, a spokeswoman for House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton, says House Republicans are working on legislation to ensure Congress and the American people have a clear understanding of the impact of EPA’s rules on gas prices before the administration can finalize certain regulations. An environmentalist says the various rules in the House GOP’s crosshairs might include EPA’s planned “Tier III” vehicle emissions and fuel standards, which are aimed at curbing ozone, particulate matter and other types of pollution.

Administration officials argue that it’s inaccurate to blame White House policy for pump prices. But, according to Baker, – there is no doubt EPA’s rules will impact transportation fuel prices, but we still don’t know exactly how much more consumers and businesses will be paying at the pump.

Baker says – it would be imprudent for EPA to move forward with these rules without first conducting a proper assessment of the cumulative costs and benefits.

Courtesy: NAFB News