Buchanan County Jail Activity – Friday

St  Joseph Post will load mug shots of new detainees at the Buchanan County Jail.  Check back here for updates.

Kidd, Andre E. Jr. Bond Denied Possesion w/intent to Deliver/Distribute Marjuana


Klepees, Nicholas $25,000 Resisting Arrest


Turner, Daniel $25,000 Bond Forgery



Briggs, Derek $1000 Bond Non-Support



Mitchell, Jeremy $500 Bond Non-Support 


Hardy, Jack R. $250 Bond Non-Support

  • Jeff

    Would like to know how long my girl will be locked up for in the buchanan county jail
    Her name is rhonda townsend

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  • http:www.stjosephpost.com/2011/05/29/buchanan-county-jail-activity carolyn mills

    would like to know if you have Justin Webb there and how i go about visiting him.

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    • John P Tretbar

      He’s being held in Clinton County.

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